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Column Pipes

Column Pipes

Silent Features

  • Corrosion Free
  • Easy Installation & Handling
  • Very Low Friction Loss
  • Termite Proof
  • Non Toxic & Resistant to chemical reactions
  • Unbreakable & longer life span upto 25 years.
  • The best alternative for G.I Pipes and cost effective.


  • Maximum ambient temperature 70°C
  • Maximum installation depth 370m
  • Installation: Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined

Special Features

  • Surface finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydraulic friction losses & helps improve the flow
  • Internal and external square threaded spigot ends and rubber gasket for easy and reliable jointing and pressure sealing
  • Special square thread gives quick & easy installation facility and provides strength
  • Provision of inside seal ring to prevent friction loss & over tightening
  • Provision of step ring to stop leakage & over tightening

Other Advantages

  • SS, MS & CI pump and pipe adaptors give true corrosion-proof system
  • Inkjet printing & Hallmark to prevent duplication in market
  • Provision of outer seal ring to prevent leakage & over tightening
  • Very smooth internal surface increases 10% to 20% water & reduces 10% to 20% power consumption
  • Ultimate locking system ensures a trouble free and a longer life for the Bore Well and the Pump


  • Water rising for submersible and jet pump for Irrigation & Domestic purposes
  • Industrial mining and Chemical distribution
  • The best replacement for MS, PPR, ERW, Gl, HDPE and Stainless Steel column pipes
  • uPVC is nearly inert towards corrosion, chemical reaction and erosion, so that, it is ideally used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water
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